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Student Success Stories

Photo of Angelo Reali

Meet Angelo

Learn how Angelo overcame struggles with childhood cancer, social anxiety and obesity to earn his high school diploma.

Read more about Angelo.

Photo of Nicole James

Meet Nicole

Learn about Nicole's journey from homeless addict to successful college graduate.

Read more about Nicole.

Photo of Andrea Flores

Meet Andrea

Learn about single mom Andrea's commitment to completing the CMA program at Clovis Adult Education in order to provide a better life for herself and her three children.

Read more about Andrea.

Photo of Ana Maria Bustamante

Meet Ana Maria

Learn about Ana Maria Bustamante's journey from GED student to employment at Fresno Adult School

Read more about Ana Maria.

Photo of Nayeli Ramirez

Meet Nayeli

Fear was her biggest challenge, her willpower her greatest strength.

Read more about Nayeli.

Photo of Jacqueline

Meet Jacqueline

ESL student thrives at the Madera Workforce Assistance Center.

Read more about Jacqueline.


Photo of Amber

Meet Amber

Look at her now!  Amber went from foster care to a college student, setting her sights on a degree in social work to give back.

Read more about Amber.


Photo of Crystal Espinoza

Meet Crystal

Perseverance pays off for adult school student.

Read more about Crystal.



Photo of Miriam Pic

Meet Miriam

Kings Canyon Adult School helps single mom pursue her dream of becoming a social worker.

Read more about Miriam.


Photo of Rafael Jimenez

Meet Rafael

A turn in a different direction leads to a career change: becoming a school bus driver.

Read more about Rafael.



Photo of Alexander Wolf

Meet Alexander

Student overcomes struggles with anxiety to complete his education.

Read more about Alexander.


Photo of Luis Gomez

Meet Luis

Independent study program allows student to attend school and continue working to support his family.

Read more about Luis.

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